My First Time by Krysta Scott


Welcome to my first blog post.  What should I write about? A humorous quippy anecdote? Nope. Don’t have one. There are no delicious little details about my life that anyone would find even remotely interesting. I go to work, come home, spend time with my family and repeat it all the next day. It’s true I watch a lot of TV and movies. At some point, I want to talk about that interest. Like why I think Tyrion Lannister is my favorite character from Game of Thrones. Or why Maze Runner and Divergent are so hot right now. But those aren’t subjects for my first time out. I think I’m supposed to tell you about myself. Not an easy task for me in any situation. Anytime I hear, “tell us something about yourself” or “let’s share”. I freeze. Self-disclosure is not my strong suit. But I did think of an experience that might reveal a little bit about me.

Since I was a child, I had always been writing but I didn’t seriously contemplate writing professionally until after I graduated law school. I’d been practicing law for a few years when I happened upon RWA and OK-RWA. After I joined, I took a class from one of our members. She had a lot to say about the business. The most important thing was to be prepared. She told us about an unpublished author who sat behind a published author at a book signing. While the published author signed books, the unpubbed sat behind her pretending to sign her own books. The point was, after you sell everything moves at hyper speed.   It’s best to prepare for your life as a published author while your career is in slow motion.

I nodded my head and smiled like every other student in the class. Yeah, preparing for life after publication was a very good idea. But I was still teething on my first novel. Although I’d received much encouragement, I also knew publication was a long way off for me. It was more important to concentrate on craft. What use did I have for a website? With no books to offer, it would just sit there collecting dust for years. I’d create a page when I was closer to my goals. When it looked like I was on the brink of publishing.

Years later (and I’m not going to tell you how many), my friends and I started meeting at the Martini Lounge for drinks and discussion of our writing projects. Soon we dubbed ourselves the Martini Club. Then we decided to write stories revolving around four young ladies who leave London in search of a better life in New York City.  Before I knew what was happening, I was being pulled along with Alicia, Amanda and Kathy developing my own story. All the while, I ignored the importance of what was happening. We were having fun. What could possibly be serious about this project? Except….

I forgot to prepare. I have a published work of short fiction out there. And that’s it. I have no website. I have an unformed idea of what my brand should be. All the things that I should have been considering while I was developing my craft, are being assembled much faster than my comfort zone allows. The good news? It’s under construction as I write these words. I should have one soon.

Then there are the other forms of social media. Some of them are perplexing. I get Facebook and can post. Yay! I even have a twitter account but haven’t made good use of it. I feel like my 83 year old mother who doesn’t understand email. She sent me one with her message completely in the subject line. Yes, I laughed for longer than I should have. My mirth was erased when I realized that I know little about social media. On twitter am I limited in words or characters? What makes a compelling tweet? And Pinterest? What could possibly interesting about a virtual corkboard? It just baffles the mind. When I ask my daughters they just roll their eyes and laugh. I have become my mother. A very sobering thought.

It isn’t over yet. I still have time to figure it all out. I haven’t reached hyper speed yet. But when I think back to those years ago (still not going to tell you how long), I have to shake my head. It would’ve been simpler to take my time creating my website and dabbling in social media. Now I have to learn all of it at once.  I was forewarned but didn’t heed the message.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading my post.




Can she prove her innocence before more than her dreams are destroyed?

After escaping an arranged marriage, Charli Daniels lands on a new shore. But things go from bad to worse when her fiancé follows her to New York. Now, instead of realizing her dream of opening her own bakery, she finds herself in a fight for her freedom.

Haunted by a string of failures, Detective Felix Noble is determined to solve his latest case. But his effort to find a murderer is jeopardized by a forbidden attraction to his number one suspect.

When a new threat surfaces, Felix wonders if he is once again on the wrong track. Can Charli convince him of her innocence before more than her dreams are destroyed?


His eyes narrowed to slits. Funny. She’d never seen him as menacing before last night. Now, no matter what he did, she quivered. “And what did you say?”

“Nothing. I told him I didn’t know anything.” Panic surged at his proximity.

“How’d they find out who the stiff was so fast?”

“I-I don’t know.” She focused on her hands. That was more comfortable than looking into the eyes of a cold-blooded killer.

“They suspect anything?”

Words flew from her mouth in a torrent. “He had an announcement of my engagement. Somehow he found me. What am I going to do?”

“Huh. Dig out those charms you have hiding. There’s plenty a dame like you can use to your advantage.”

The burn of a blush crept across Charlotte’s cheeks. Thank goodness the speakeasy was dimly lit so no one would see her shame.

“Whatever you do.” Slick leaned in closer. “Keep your mouth shut.” He glared down at her, then stumbled away.

Charlotte’s stomach lurched. She’d gotten herself into a pickle with no clear way out. Her legs wobbled. She forced deep breaths. In, out. In, out. Once steadier on her feet, she picked up her tray and darted to the bar. Ira was back, wiping it down. He didn’t scold her. He didn’t say anything at all. His silence unnerved her. Her life had turned upside down. Things would never be normal again.

All of the Martini Club 4 Stories:

Rebellious by Amanda McCabe – Can an aristocratic lady melt the cold heart of a Russian gangster?

Ruined by Alicia Dean – She vowed she’d be no man’s doxy, but fate had other plans.

Reckless by Kathy L Wheeler – Lady Margaret turned Lady Bootlegger.

Runaway by Krysta Scott – Can she prove her innocence before more than her dreams are destroyed?

Buy link for all four:



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