Coming Together when it comes to Titles ~ Kathy L Wheeler


Below is a series of discussion when the Martini Club 4 girls were trying to come up with their titles. The first note was handwritten that had a list consisting of Lady Bootlegger, Lady Wayward, Lady this, Lady that. But it didn’t fly. As you can see from the notes below it was mostly a brainstorming session over email. titles1
titles2titles3titles4titles5titles6titles7titles8titles9titlex1titlex2titlex3In the end, as you now know, we came up with the current titles of Rebellious, Ruined, Reckless and Runaway. This happened one Saturday at the Oklahoma Romance Writers monthly meeting when Krysta and I were trying to write blurbs of under fifteen words. This exercise was intended to make the blurb as strong as possible. In the course of writing my blurb, I came up with Meggie’s behavior as Reckless. And since Amanda seemed to like Rebellious, I thought Reckless worked pretty well. That led to Krysta and I brainstorming (in person) for her story, coming up with Runaway.

The next couple of days I started using the Thesaurus trying to come up with an “R” word for Alicia’s, currently titled, Wayward. I found a word that I thought would be perfect, but I couldn’t remember it when we met for another purpose later that week.

I pulled out my little mini iPad and started back through the process again, knowing the word would jump out at me when I ran across it. We were in a crowded restaurant when I said, quite loudly, RUINED. Her reply? “It’s perfect!”

And, there you have it. The simple process of finding a series of titles that MIGHT just work.

Happy Reading ~~ Kathy L Wheeler

Reckless (2)


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