Cover Process for MC4 ~~ Kathy L Wheeler ~~ Giveaway!


There are so many things that go into creating a successful project. I’ve shared a few already (wow! has it been 3 months already?)  The process I’m going to share regarding the cover is the for the print version of the Martini Club 4 Series – The 1920s.

The first thing we had to do was decide on the size of the book. Createspace offers several options. The most popular being 6″x9″. So I had to download the proper template.

This tells me what size the page needs to be set to in whatever program I opt to use for creating the cover. I tried two different applications before deciding which direction to go. CorelPaint and Microsoft Publisher. While Corel had more flexibility, the learning curve was steeper as I was running short of time. So I went with Publisher. I created a new 19″ x 13″ blank page as the template below show. Then inserted the image you see below as a guide..6x9 specs

The next step was boxing off all three areas of the template, the front (located on the right hand side), the back (located on the left side), and the spine. In the real world you would not have the pink lines showing. Those are guide lines used to show you where to keep your image within. Also, you have to be careful not to cover the yellow area because that is where the publisher (in this case Createspace) places the bar code with the isbn number. Look on the back of any print book and you’ll see what I’m referring to.  MC1

From the next photo you can see how I was playing with the pictures. We’d already decided that we wanted to use portions of each of the four covers. So it was a matter of arranging them. I tried several different things–different angles, placing the title in various areas.MC4_cover5.This one did not fly because our names were not on the cover. I thought it looked good and would work because our names were on the back, but like I said, it’s a joint collaboration.

I really liked the next one because I was able to skew the pictures into something unique and fun. But I was using Corel, and when I had to go back and make changes, it involved recreating the entire thing. That ‘s when I moved to Publisher, though as I said, it didn’t have the same flexibility. It did allow me to make changes more easily.mc4cover

So the final I came up with included angling the girls pictures a degree and and then using the titles as images on the back. Publisher was much easier to deal with when it came to adding and modifying text. The titles on the back also added pizzazz which, if anyone saw Chicago, The Musical, knows that’s what the 1920s are all about.

5x8 mc4 cover

There was one last modification (two, if you include the typo on the front portion in Malena Lott’s “Downton Abbey” quote. I spelled “Downton” … “Downtown”. So kill me…). I thought to use the gray bubble for the quote by Diane Gaston but was afraid the text would fade into it too much and not be readable, and as I mentioned before, time was quickly running out. Our book launch was a couple of weeks away and Createspace requires 24 hours to review the uploaded version before allowing you to order copies.

By the time we had everything completed and reviewed, we still didn’t have time to order a proof copy and still get them back in time for the Martini Lounge Book Launch, so we ordered 48 without seeing the physical version, and–voila–sold every one!


So what do you think of the process?

For every person who follows our blog, you have the opportunity to win a print copy featuring the Final Cover and a signature Martini Club 4 martini glass with it.

glass and book 405_114410

Once you’ve followed, drop me a note at kathy(at)klwheeler(dot)com. Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Reading! ~~ Kathy L Wheeler


6 thoughts on “Cover Process for MC4 ~~ Kathy L Wheeler ~~ Giveaway!

  1. Ah, I’m even more impressed than I was before. I had no idea what all went into the process. I could never do that, not in a million years. You are getting better and better with cover art, yay you! Thanks for all your hard work. I LOVE the result!

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