The inspiration for Charli Leighton



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but Charli Leighton’s character is loosely based on my eldest daughter. When she was in 6th grade she became passionate about cooking. I will never forget the first time I came home from work to find her fixated to the Food Network. I laughed. Why would she want to watch that? She scowled at me and let me know what an interesting shows the network had. I had no other choice but to sit with her and watch the programs. She was right. Soon we were downloading and printing our recipes.

She’s actually very good. Every Christmas she makes cookies for my office. The staff is fool of compliments about her baking. She has the knack. Even when she and I make the same recipe, hers always turns out better. I tell everyone with her cooking you can taste the love. At this she just smiles and rolls her eyes. But I have no better explanation.

Baking is a joy and way for her to relax. There I times I come home to a plate of cookies or cupcakes. The product of angry baking or stress baking. Yep, that’s a thing. She has been baking ever since her exposure to Food Network and wants to turn her talents into a career. Here are a few examples of things she has made.

Tart she made for mother’s day.



photo 2

Cupcakes for wedding shower.

photo 3

I have sampled all of these. They are truly awesome.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading my post.




Road Trip with the Girls – Boas and Tiaras


A few months back, Kathy L Wheeler suggested we attend a Fresh Fiction event in Allen, Texas called Boas and Tiaras. I didn’t know what to expect, and I am ANYTHING other than a boa and tiara kind of gal, but I’m always (almost always) up for a road trip with my peeps, especially if it involves an author event. 

While it turned out to be a very long day (I left my house at 6:45 a.m. and arrived home at 11 p.m.), and there were positives and negatives, overall, I would call it a success. 


First, the negatives:

  • Amanda McCabe wasn’t there to round out our foursome, since she had the nerve to move to New Mexico, without our prior approval, I might add.
  • We didn’t sell any books.
  • It took up an entire day that I could have gotten some editing and writing done

Hmmm….that’s it. Now, the positives.

  • Spending time with the other two Martini Club 4 girls, Krysta Scott and Kathy L Wheeler. (Even though this picture clearly shows they like one another more than they like me)


  • Meeting new author and reader friends.
  • Sharing a table with the wonderful Cathy Maxwell. She was a doll, so warm and friendly, and she gave us some nice little goodies, including a few of her books. They look fantastic, and I can’t wait to read them.


  • The awesome Q&A with Cathy Maxwell and Deeanne Gist. Both ladies were delightful and funny and encouraging. 


  • And last but not least…Photo Booth!



Well! I’m an airhead….The Pellman Family would not believe it1



It’s true. I used to recall the strangest details. Facts, that have my two sisters, two brothers, mother and dad, cringing to this day. You know, details that include an argument between my youngest brother and youngest sister in a huge row in the kitchen one year. Oh, that’s a funny story.


Our house was similar to The Brady Bunch. My stepfather married my mother when I was eight-years-old. He had two boys, and my mother three girls. I was the oldest and, er…the bossiest. I was not the smartest but I was always reading, as I happened to be that one afternoon leaning against the kitchen sink when things went to “hell in a hand basket” or whatever. And of course, I was minding my own business. (All of my siblings would attest to that!)

The next thing I know, is that a piece of chili landed on the page of my (Harlequin, I can promise you) book. I do not remember the title. I do not remember what those two juveniles were fighting about either. But I do remember looking up and Sandy, who is six months Brad’s senior, had dumped a bowl of chili on his head. My brother Mark  was standing there too, laughing. Then my dad walked in!

Our lives were in turmoil during that particular time in our lives. I had just graduated from high school, had left home and had come back. My sister Terry and Mark were in high school, Sandy and Brad still in Junior High. (Not middle school).

Sadly, our dad had just adopted us girls, and within the year our parents had divorced. Still, you can’t just throw away ten years of your life growing up with the man who raised you. In any event, the girls moved to Texas (with my mom, of course), and the boys stayed in Colorado.

While I regret the dissolution of their marriage, I am happy to say that every three years (for about 12 years) the five kids, Me, Terry, Mark, Sandy and Brad…oh, and our dad have had a family reunion with all the kids and their kids. And our mom made the last one as well. So all’s well that ends well.

Oh, and the airhead thing? (I almost forgot!) My post was due yesterday! But, at the risk of redundancy…All’s well that ends well…Well, you know what I mean.


Happy Reading! ~Kathy L Wheeler

Absent – Amanda McCabe


Amanda regrets that’s she was unable to post this month due to travel. She’s in the midst of moving from OK to NM. However, she will be back with a great post next month.

In the meantime, she will give away one copy of the Martini Club 4 – the 1920s to one commenter who posts on why they love the 1920s!


~~Kathy L Wheeler for Amanda McCabe