Well! I’m an airhead….The Pellman Family would not believe it1



It’s true. I used to recall the strangest details. Facts, that have my two sisters, two brothers, mother and dad, cringing to this day. You know, details that include an argument between my youngest brother and youngest sister in a huge row in the kitchen one year. Oh, that’s a funny story.


Our house was similar to The Brady Bunch. My stepfather married my mother when I was eight-years-old. He had two boys, and my mother three girls. I was the oldest and, er…the bossiest. I was not the smartest but I was always reading, as I happened to be that one afternoon leaning against the kitchen sink when things went to “hell in a hand basket” or whatever. And of course, I was minding my own business. (All of my siblings would attest to that!)

The next thing I know, is that a piece of chili landed on the page of my (Harlequin, I can promise you) book. I do not remember the title. I do not remember what those two juveniles were fighting about either. But I do remember looking up and Sandy, who is six months Brad’s senior, had dumped a bowl of chili on his head. My brother Mark  was standing there too, laughing. Then my dad walked in!

Our lives were in turmoil during that particular time in our lives. I had just graduated from high school, had left home and had come back. My sister Terry and Mark were in high school, Sandy and Brad still in Junior High. (Not middle school).

Sadly, our dad had just adopted us girls, and within the year our parents had divorced. Still, you can’t just throw away ten years of your life growing up with the man who raised you. In any event, the girls moved to Texas (with my mom, of course), and the boys stayed in Colorado.

While I regret the dissolution of their marriage, I am happy to say that every three years (for about 12 years) the five kids, Me, Terry, Mark, Sandy and Brad…oh, and our dad have had a family reunion with all the kids and their kids. And our mom made the last one as well. So all’s well that ends well.

Oh, and the airhead thing? (I almost forgot!) My post was due yesterday! But, at the risk of redundancy…All’s well that ends well…Well, you know what I mean.


Happy Reading! ~Kathy L Wheeler


One thought on “Well! I’m an airhead….The Pellman Family would not believe it1

  1. Ha! You are an airhead, but then, so am I, because I’m just now commenting. And, it’s Sunday evening, yet I haven’t put up my post. So…I guess birds of a feather… Enjoyed your little trip down memory lane. Family memories are the best!

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