How Busy Are You? – Kathy L Wheeler


Okay, I know I’m NOT the only busy person in the world. But, hey! I was laid off from my programming job back in March. Early March, I might add. And rather than hunt down another job, my husband and I talked things over and came up with a little test plan.

1) to see if my writing can take off within the 3-year-lease period of his Law Office;


2) to help him out at his Law Office. (by the way, he does SSI, DUI, Personal Injury and, my favorite, Entertainment Law)

So, since I began “helping” him out. I’ve missed a total of 2 days. One afternoon I had to have a permanent crown affixed and the dr recommended I go home and take a nap. Another day, I had a book signing. There may have been another 1/2 day in there somewhere, but I really can’t remember. (Now I have that song going through my head–err.)

I’ve also completed book iv of my Cinderella Series The Price of hilda2 375x600Scorn – Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother (that is now up for preorder — only $.99); Wrote The Mapmaker’s Wife for the To Love a Spy Boxed Set with five other amazing authors – Marie Higgins, Bess McBride, Aileen Fish, L.L. Muir, Melissa Lynne Blue);

Put together the my contributions of the OkRWA Holiday Anthologies into print and ebook – Trust In Love. Also, put into til cover for promoprint The Bloominton Series. Redesigned the Cinderella Series books in print and ebook. Desgined the NovelNoteAuthors Newsletter. (please sign up – fun article on #DinoPorn this month — yes, I said it.)

And, have mapped out my story for the Martini Club 4 Series – The 1940s – Pampered.

Now, if I could only quit mailing the wrong checks out to clients…err…uh. That’s not what I meant to say.

Okay, now I need a nap…


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