How Does Your Writing Retreat Go?


9452967753B603E25Sadly, one of our Martini Club 4 members moved out of state. And, sadder, she is not with us this weekend as we plot out our 1940s stories.

Happily, she’s happy. Sadly, I’m REALLY hungry. —- ( 2 hrs later. ) I’m much better.

So our retreat was supposed to be in Dallas this weekend at the imagesinfamous Adolphus Hotel. This is where we were supposed to stay:

I’ve really got to stay there someday!

RO-8725121065306099291y6471_GOur room was to be a junior suite. Nice, huh?

Instead, we decided to stay in the Oklahoma City area and do our plotting / brainstorming at Alicia’s quaint home. And now we’ve had pizzas and brownies and, of course, wine. And are back to the grind. Without, Amanda. But we are busy sending emails back and forth and sadly/happily I need to get back to Meggie and Harry’s daughter, Audra Faye. She’s a bit “Pampered”.

Happy Reading.

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One thought on “How Does Your Writing Retreat Go?

  1. It’s been a blast having my critique partners stay with me this weekend, but yes, I DO miss Amanda!! 😦 I think we’ve had a very productive weekend so far. The pizza, wine, and brownies were just brain food, right? We also had salad…so, yeah, there’s that. Well, back to the grind (but a FUN grind!)

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