Resolutions and Such…



Well 2016 has rolled in and it is not off to a good start. David Bowie and Alan Rickman died and shock descended around the world. To be honest, I am probably more of a Rickman fan than Bowie. I always liked Bowie’s music but have never owned an album. What’s up with that? Note to self: buy a David Bowie album this year. Now I’ve seen many of Alan Rickman’s movies from Die Hard (my personal favorite), Prince of Thieves (Rickman was amazing in this film. If you haven’t seen it rent it immediately), Galaxy Quest to Sense and Sensibility.  On the day he died, I watched Sense and Sensibility. Colonel Brandon rocks! Too top it off, some of my friends have lost loved ones. They departed the Earth at too young an age. That’s a very shabby beginning 2016.

So I sit here thinking about how short life is and how I need to make better use of my time. Those who know me best can tell you I’m a good talker. I plan to spend more time writing. I come up with grandiose ways to accomplish my tasks. Somehow, they fall to the wayside as I navigate my way through all those distractions that throw me off track. Well, enough! This year is going to be different.

At the beginning of each year, my writing organization OKRWA has us write down our goals for the year. We then seal them in an envelope and open them at our annual Christmas party. Last year I wrote down one goal that went unaccomplished. This year I wrote down eight. Hopefully, by the end of the year I will be able to say I accomplished them all. I’m not going to list them but I will let you know how it went at the end of the year. As I left the meeting, I realized more things I needed to concentrate on this year. These are the things I need to declare out loud.

I’ve been struggling with my website. Setting it up has not been easy and it still doesn’t look great. In the end, I can fix those things as the year progresses. What I can’t fix is not being active on my site. So this year, I plan on posting and updating regularly.

Last year I received excellent news. My first novel, Shadow Dancer was contracted by the Wild Rose Press. As excited as I was, it hit me that I haven’t been treating my writing as a job. Maybe it’s because I have a day job. One that requires me to go to work every day. There’s structure, obligations and rules I must adhere to. At first, writing isn’t like that. Any deadlines are set by the author. The only obligation the writer has is to herself. If the twenty or so pages you promised to write aren’t written, no one will yell at you. Not the best career for someone who is a champion procrastinator.  So I plan to treat writing like my day job. I will set specific goals and sit in my office until it gets done.  It’s the only way I can accomplish everything I need to get done this year.

I also haven’t been good about posting every third Sunday on the Martini Club Four blog. Although I can blame the holidays for interfering with my writing, there really is no excuse. I will be better this year. I will post every third Sunday by noon. This year I will not fail to achieve my goals.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading my post.

Krysta Scott

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