The Road to … I forgot …


Yes, well. You may think I speak “tongue in cheek”. I do not. I truly can’t remember. Or, rather, I didn’t have anything in mind in the first place. So I’ll start with ROAD…

The road from Edmond, Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 9th was, well, fun. And, almost…uneventful. The battery light in my car came on just before I reached the Texas border. But after having things checked out, the car seemed to do okay.


I got to Santa Fe around 3:30 in the afternoon and had a fabulous dinner with my MC4 cohort and bestest friend, Amanda McCabe. And yes, we had cocktails!


Then there was the road to Vegas through a rainy Arizona For my first Romantic Times Booklovers Convention! An interesting conference that is so different from the usual conferences I attend. Just consider the book signing of over 600 authors.


The next road took me from Vegas to San Francisco where upon I-5 I had a flat! Alas, a very nice guy (who wanted to by my car) changed out the tire and I was able to make it to Los Banos to remedy the situation and headed over the mountain to San Jose and up Hwy 101 to see my daughter, her baby and husband. I stayed 5 days.


The next road took me up Hwy 101 to Santa Rosa where I was on the hunt for wine with the Harlequin label. Yes, well, it was a warehouse distribution center that had direct mail order project between the vineyard and Harlequin. So I bought the wine online, and now my sister will be delivering it to me, as you cannot mail wine to Oklahoma. (Stupid law.)


From Santa Rosa, the road took me straight through the wine country of Napa, so of course I made another stop or two…

In the meantime, Thunder playoffs had started, so I was trying to make my stops coincide with dinner times so I could catch the games. This particular day put me in Sacramento and I missed only the first 10 minutes of OKC trouncing Dallas. (Round 1 of the Western Conference).

I’d never been to Utah and decided that should be an interesting road. And, boy was it! Once you cross the Nevada border into Utah, the speed limit on the interstate is 80 mph. Seriously? I couldn’t believe it. And it rained on me the whole time. I stopped in Salt Lake City and had lunch with my cousin’s daughter, Chanda. She is as cute now as she was when she was 3 years old.


The road from Provo, UT took me from I-15 to Hwy 6 through a terrifying blizzard in my little rear-wheel drive car. But, hey, it was only 50 miles….till I hit sunshine and made my way through more rain to I-70 and over to Glenwood Springs, Colorado where I treated myself to two nights of rest and more Thunder Basketball without interruption. (This isn’t the actual blizzard I went through. I was too frightened to take my hands off the wheel to take THAT picture. This picture above is in Nevada earlier that day.)

After savoring those 2 nights, I hit the road again. This time aiming for the Longmont, Boulder, Denver area through some interesting weather, to spend time with my sisters and brother and some of the nieces and nephews. (These are 3 of my four siblings. They were making fun of me because I angle my head in pictures, and this time I didn’t. Ha! They look ridiculous…jk. They are the greatest!)


I managed 6 days between Longmont and Boulder before taking the road to Canyon City, CO to spend some time with my other brother and his two very beautiful daughters! Was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the girls knew who the Thunder were and what we were about! (Okay, she has a boyfriend who loves them…what can I say? I’ll take what I can get).20160503_200302

By this time, I’m almost at the end of the … road … back to Oklahoma City, where my cat won’t hardly speak to me (for one day, at least) ! 20160522_083334

Thunder Basketball, where we have indeed made it to the Western Conference Finals, having knocked off the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs, and hopefully, the next game in Oakland, CA, the Golden State Warriors. I want sooooo badly for this road to lead to the NBA Finals.


So, um, what do you do for fun?



5 thoughts on “The Road to … I forgot …

  1. Diane Burton

    I can’t believe you did that road trip all by yourself! What an adventure. Ditto what Alicia wrote about your adventurous spirit.

  2. Holy moly, Kathy! I’m exhausted just reading this itinerary! It sounds like you had a lot of great family time, though, so I’m sure it was worth it. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I’m glad you made it home with having to deal with a light on and flat!

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