Not only Fast Draft, how about Formatting?


I’m in the middle of two major—-make that 3, major things. Yes, we’ve talked about Fast Draft. Sadly, I’m way behind. I’m also teaching a month long formatting (ebook, print, and covers) for the Celtic Hearts RWA Group.

I’m getting lots of great questions. It’s different from anything I’ve done before. There are 28 people in the class. And if it wasn’t for the questions, it would feel like I’m doing all this work with nobody any the wiser.

After this class is completed, I’ve decided I’m going to put all my posts and illustrations in a book. I’ll show you a couple of examples and then I’m going to get back to my Fast Draft… Oh, and the 3rd major thing? The National Readers’ Choice Awards are all in, tallied, finalists notified, trophies, plaques and pins ordered and completed. Now I’m printing out certificates (178) and wrapping up the final details for the food in San Diego for July 14th!

Here you go:

Week 1 of 4 for Formatting: ebook


Creating a Style for Headings

Week 1 of 4 for Formatting: Using Calibre to strip out MS Word’s extra nonsense


Week 2 of 4 for Formatting: Print


Using Sections instead of Page Breaks for special purpose suppression of Headers and Footers

Sadly, that’s all I have time to share right now.

But look for a new book on formatting in the month or two. This sucker was a lot of work…

Happy, er…uh…oh, yeah, brain freeze there…Reading (or formatting)!

Kathy L Wheeler









Fast Draft Insanity


In response to Krysta Scott’s previous post – as a die hard Oklahoma City fan. I cannot speak. I’m soooo angry and disillusioned with the NBA. But truly, that has nothing to do with Fast Draft Insanity…which is what me and three of my writing cohorts have decided to undertake in an effort to get our writing habits kicked into high gear.

First of all, this is a method that Candace Havens created because she was so busy. Well, I’m busy too! So Mary Jo Springer, Alicia Dean, and Krysta Scott have decided to try it.

Here’s the thing. We have fourteen days to write a complete draft of a book. Candace recommends 20 pages per day. That is enough for a 70k word Single Title, or 280 page book.

The rules:

No editing

No tv

No reading

Must give a daily report to your cohorts


I think there are more rules, but I’m freaking out over just these. So, for the next fourteen days, I am teaching an online class, but will still have to churn out my pages and report my accomplishments.

My daily reward for completing my goal? To read before I go to sleep each night.

We have aready made reservations for our celebratory dinner, set for Friday, June 17th at The Melting Pot. Wish us luck!


A New LITTLE Hobby ~ Kathy L Wheeler


Like I have time for anything else. After all, there was Halloween, two trips to Seattle for a family emergency, an arts festival, an author signing, coordinating the NRCA, the Regency Reader and Novel Notes newsletters—-and what do I decide to add?

Painting. Yes, art. And it is fun!

Here are some of my efforts:


A pathetic attempt of the Eiffel Tower

Another sad try, but hey, I'm new at this.

Another sad try, but hey, I’m new at this.



better. I do like this.

better. I do like this.

One of my favs so far.

One of my favs so far.

Yes, this I like.

Yes, this I like.

So, this is my new hobby. My husband thinks I’m painting to avoid writing. I think I’m painting to clear my mind…

I certainly won’t quit writing. After all, KOCO’s morning anchor said she loves reading so I sent her a copy of The Price of Scorn: Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother. She posted a great picture on her Facebook page.


And!!!! The Mapmaker’s Wife – my little civil war novella, won 1st place in the Historical Short of the International Digital Awards. I’m so happy, that I joined NaNo this year.

First up, is Pampered – Martini Club 4 – The 1940s.

Have a good Sunday, all.

Kathy L Wheeler

So Many Projects, So Little Time…


I’m freaking out. (Well, not really, but I should be). Currently, I have 11 stories, (some novels, a few shorts), that need to be written. Yes, 11. I am almost finished with one, and another of them is actually just compiling some of my already written shorts into one collection and revising. However, the rest are due or long overdue. And some of them will require sequels…


You know what? I take on too many projects, I agree to too many things, and I set too many unattainable goals. But, since I have committed to all of this, I need to figure out a way to make it happen. I am trying to finish Book 3 in my Isle of Fang series, then I MUST write Book 3 in my Northland Crime Chronicles series. Until I complete those two, I can’t write my Martini Club 4 1940s stories, and my friends are counting on me. Plus, I’ve got a good handle on the story and characters, and I’m sooo anxious to get started.

I also work full-time and edit for Wild Rose Press and freelance edit. I blog and I have a promo loop. I love to watch TV. And hang out with my family and friends and visit my mother in the nursing home at least once a week. Yesterday, my sisters and our friend went to dinner, then out to hear my brother and the band he plays for at a bar. I hadn’t been out to a country bar in ages. We had a blast and it was awesome to hear my brother play. He’s an incredible lead guitarist. Here is a snippet I recorded: (The quality of the recording sucks, but you can see how awesome he is :))


Unfortunately, I also waste a lot of time when I could be writing. (and none of those things I mentioned are what I consider wasting time. I meant things like playing around on the internet) I need to become more disciplined, and I have a few ideas on how to up my production. One is to use the ‘Speech Recognition’ function to speak my scenes instead of typing them. The other is to make myself get up two hours earlier than I have to. So…wish me luck. After all, those books aren’t going to write themselves. (But, how cool would that be???? :))

Any tips for me? Any tricks you use to be more productive?